"I really wish I could give YBC 10 stars because they truly deserve it!! I surprised my girlfriend with a boudoir photo shoot for her birthday. At first we were a little nervous and apprehensive about being half naked in front of three strangers, but after five minutes, we felt like we were among friends we had known for years! Ary, Agnes and Natalia are THE BEST!!! They were so friendly and welcoming! They even had wine and cupcakes for the birthday girl!

Natalia's makeup was amazing, and I have never felt or looked more beautiful or sexy in my entire life! She was even able to coax my girlfriend, who absolutely hates makeup and refuses to wear it, into wearing some, and she was even more stunning than she usually is. Ary chose the best outfits for us to wear and his suggestions for poses and set design were tasteful and sexy! Agnes was so complimentary and made our inner super models come out!! We are overjoyed with our photos! I will never use another photographer or makeup artist again! YBC are my go to guys and ladies, and I look forward to working with these three awesome beautiful spirits in the future!! Love and Light!"

Mo and Sonny, NYC

"The team at YBC is wonderful. They are all pros at making you look great, feel comfortable, and have a fantastic time in the process. Natalia's makeup looked spectacular on print - not too strong or too light. Just right. Agnes, the photographer, blew away my expectations. She had a keen eye for a great shot, and knows how to talk you into your comfort zone and to bring out the best in you. Ary has excellent taste in putting together ensembles that look wonderful. Best of all, they seem like a great team working together. It seems like they're busy, so you may need to wait a while to be contacted, but it's worth the wait."

Jae C., NYC

"I had booked a photoshoot with YBC and was really not looking forward to going. However, as soon as I bet the team I was immediately put at easy and really enjoyed the session. It was so much fun. They helped to make me feel extremely comfortable. They were very professional but also friendly and laid back at the same time.

The pictures turned out to be absolutely stunning. I couldn't have been more pleased! You will not be disappointed if you go with this team at YBC! simply the best!"

Molly F., NYC

"I recently had a photoshoot at Yellow Brick Collective and cannot say enough great things about their work, they are true professionals! From the moment I stepped into their space they were beyond friendly and put me completely at ease.

Ary picked wonderful outfits for me and ensured that everything would be flattering and sexy. The makeup that Natalia did for me was stunning and I've never felt as gorgeous before in my life. Agnes is a true professional photographer and was excellent at coaching me through each of my looks and made me feel totally comfortable and amazing. The pictures Agnes took of me turned out absolutely stunning and greatly surpassed my expectations, they were absolutely amazing!

I highly recommend everyone at Yellow Brick Collective for your boudoir photography needs and I look forward to going back to them for future sessions!"

Kate H., NYC

"Best day ever! The team at YBC are super sweet and they treat you like you're a part of their family. They were all extremely professional and fun to work with.

Ary chooses the best outfit for your shoot and just knows exactly what to look for. Natalia just completes the look with her excellent makeup and hairstyling skills, and Agnes just makes you feel so completely comfortable with her professional photography skills. I just finished my shoot today so I do not have the pictures at hand, but I completely trust this team and know that the final product will go beyond my expectations :)"

Adrienne G., NJ

A recent review about us by the AMAZING Kimberly Rae Miller of Check it out and read her blog! She is fantastic!

"Hello Everyone at YBC!!

I can't believe I still haven't responded to say THANK YOU! I must still be in shock over how amazing the pictures are! I absolutely love them. I didn't even imagine that they could look this good!!

What an amazing way to both empower women and have fun at the same time!

I love you guys!!

I am so excited to give this to my future husband on our wedding day!!

Thanks again!!"

-Ashley O., NY

Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you guys have done. I am so pleased with everything and it was really worth the wait. My boyfriend is very happy and pleased as well. The pictures brought such a huge smile on my face that I could not stop looking at them. Thank you again and again and again!"

-Charisse H., NYC

"I just wanted to tell you three how awesome my pictures are. I absolutely love everyone of them and was very pleased with how they turned out. I will definitely be coming to see you again and I am going to let everyone know how great you are. Once again thanks for a great experience."

Judy G., Virginia

"I honestly cannot tell you how amazed I was to see how the photos came out. I am utterly speechless! I even got a bit emotional, because I never have seen myself look so beautiful. You made me look simply amazing, and I cant wait to use these photos for music promotion. They are everything I wanted and more! Thank you so much, I will be raving about you to my friends and associates. Take care.

Many thanks!"

- Anna B., NYC

"I have used the services of Yellow Brick Collective for several very important occasions over the last 5 years. Agnes, Aryeh, and Natalia not only produce amazing results, but they are all truly professional and fun to be around. I can not say enough good things about the Yellow Brick Collective. I have worked with much more expensive photographers in the past and Agnes is by far the most talented of all. She has reasonable prices, and gives you thoughtful and absolutely beautiful photos. She also makes you feel extremely comfortable, and therefore gets the most flattering pics out of you. She and her team, have a fantastic eye for detail and artistry. I will continue to use them in the future. Seriously, BOOK NOW before it's too late!"

- Scarlett K., NY

"To Agnes, Ari & Natalia -

I just want to say thank you - for pictures that are honestly more amazing and beautiful than I ever thought possible. between the hair & makeup, styling and photography, all three of you are insanely talented. The business you guys have created is something so unique and special. I can't even tell you how comfortable I was with all of you, which is (what i think) makes you guys better and different than anyone else. Not only was it a fun night but the end product is so professionally done, I mean the pictures are truly amazing. I cannot thank you guys enough. I'm pretty excited to know that when you all are big and famous for this, I can be like...yea I know them. :) anyway, again, thank you."

- Abigail G., NYC

"AHHH!! I have been dying all day to get to my computer to look at these!! I'm freaking out! These are STUNNING! Thank you for making me feel and look so beautiful! I can't wait for the Barn Shoot! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!"

- Morgan W., NYC

"Hi guys!

Thanks so much for the photos, I love them and they look so great!!! Working with you all was just as fun as getting to see the finished product :) Thanks for such a great experience!"

- Alexa B., NYC

"OMG!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! We LOVE the photos! They came out better than I ever imagined! This was an incredible experience."

- Jen D., CT

"Agnes and her team at Yellow Brick Collective are AWESOME! I have had the pleasure of working with Agnes twice during my professional modeling career, and have used her work in my portfolio. She is an amazing photographer and her attention to detail is magnificent. She is professional, sweet, and has really creative ideas. Retro, romantic, soft, or edgy, whatever idea you are trying to express, she can get it! She is also really open to your ideas as well. I brought a couple props to our first photoshoot, and only 2 of my favorite garments with me in case we felt inspired by them (only like 2 really simple things, if any-- you never need much more). We mostly used that they had provided though-- they know what's good! Agnes can really capture the right moment through her lens--even expressions that you never knew existed! She captures your great qualities, and your subtle details (in both physical and expression) will come out beautifully in her photographs. Agnes and her team are SO easy to work with, and they encourage you to be yourself. They also encourage you to have fun and feel great about yourself. If you get the chance to do a boudoir shoot, get ready to have an amazing time! Their boudoir shoots are very tasteful and feminine, and capture your most flattering qualities. You will feel comfortable about being yourself, or, even have playing a role that's not yourself! I encourage ladies to do this shoot with Agnes because I guarantee you will feel comfortable, and you will realize (if you haven't already!) how gorgeous you are.
Also, the sessions are quick and no-nonsense. Once there's an awesome shot, you move on to the next idea and by the end of the shoot there will be a lot to choose from. Hands down, the most fun I have ever had at a photoshoot and I highly recommend!"

- Katie C., NYC

"This is a cautionary tale of a fairly shy 20something who ventured out of her skin and in to a boudoir shoot. I can tell you about how I never ever modeled before and what a great experience I had. I can go on and on about how comfortable I felt in lingerie, with the lights on, in front of another woman. But I'm not going to do that. Why? Because my photos came out so damn awesome that I can't even do anything but think about how damn sexy I am. Or at least, how damn sexy YBC made me look in my photos anyways.

So I guess this really isn't a tale, nor is it really much of a review either. It's more like a warning. Serious vanity issues will arise if you choose to shoot with YBC. I use to look in the mirror and think things like "my mascara is a little runny." Now I look in the mirror and think to myself "Damn girl, you should be a model!"

I'm waiting for the side effects to wear off. I'm sure at some point, things will go back to normal. I'll look in the mirror one day and think something like "Ew, what is that pimple doing there?" But I know that when that day comes, there will be a little voice in the back that says "You still mad sexy in those photos. Mmm Hmm."

This could happen to you. Be careful."

- Stephanie M., NYC

"I too agree with the other reviewers, doing the shoot with YBC was a wonderful experience! I haven't gotten my photos back yet, but I had a blast with them, and hope to do it again some day.

I've never felt like such a rockstar/goddess/diva in my life! I may have even felt prettier than I did on my wedding day, which is truly saying a lot.

Natalia did a wonderful job with makeup and was super sweet. Aryeh was funny and entertaining with a great eye for details, and Agnes was so friendly and encouraging that I really didn't feel uncomfortable (despite being a fairly shy person) for even a minute. It was more like hanging out with old friends who just happen to be taking pictures of you than the high-anxiety situation that I had imagined.

I recommend YBC for anyone looking for a great boudoir shoot experience.

Once I get my photos back I'll try to remember to update this. I'm sure that I'll have nothing but wonderful things to say :)"

- Christina D., NYC

"I wish I could give them 10 stars!!!

Everything the other reviewers I echo...

I haven't even seen my pictures yet but from the experience with the YBC team I am more than happy!

I felt completely comfortable and at ease during every step of the photoshoot. I never posed in my undies before so this was HUGE!

Run don't walk to get your YBC experience. You will feel like a Queen or Next Top Model or ---- you fill in the blank :-)"

- Sina L., NYC

"Yellow Brick Collective is the best....EVER. not only did i have a BLAST on set with Agnes Ary and finished product is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they really made me feel sexy...confident and COMFORTABLE in my own skin. love love love them."

- Vivian S., NYC

"I cant say enough good things about YBC. They truly made me feel confident.and comfortable. So much fun and my pics are FANTASTIC!!!!! Love love love them."

- Erica S., NYC

"I recently purchased a Groupon for a boudoir shoot with the Yellow Brick team. I was nervous about how the whole thing would play out, but the experience totally exceeded my expectations. First, they scheduled me at one of their two Manhattan studios (as per my request as this was a surprise for my husband) and it was so adorable, perfect for the boudoir scenes. Second, they were completely professional having told me ahead of time what to bring, what to expect, etc. I had arranged for one of my girlfriends to meet me there just in case I was nervous. She wound up coming much later and I was completely comfortable posing in my underwear for strangers. I felt like I was with three friends, very encouraging and full of ideas. The thing that helped the most was that they seemed to be having as much fun as I was. Some advice: bring a number of props (you won't use them all, but more selection is best!) and bring an open mind. For one look they had me put on a tiara from their own stash of props. Anyone who knows me knows that the delicate princess look is not my personality at all. They wound up being my favorite shots. In summary... Ladies, do this for yourself. The experience alone is as much fun as showing off the photo's. Guys, buy this for your girl, you will love seeing her in such a creative light. I'll do it again (hopefully WITH my man....)"

- Kristy B., NYC

"I purchased the Groupon deal which included make-up and styling and I can't say enough good things about the entire team at YBC! I did the photo shoot with my sister and a friend and the whole team made us feel like superstars. I was completely comfortable coming out in lingerie and posing for the camera. (I'm plus sized) The entire experience was so much fun and I think everyone should do this for themselves...I felt super sexy after. Natalia did and amazing job with my hair and makeup and I would hire her to do it everyday if I was stunning!! She has the Victoria's Secret curls down to a science :) I brought hair extensions and she knew exactly what to do with them. Aryeah was so good with helping me arrange my outfits and even added some of his own accessories. I usually look awkward in front of the camera because I can't pose unless I'm looking in a mirror...but he was so good at directing me and both him and Agnes made me feel like a supermodel and the poses ended up looking great!! They also worked well with all the props we had (We did the shoot in an auto garage) Agnes is very talented and has a great eye. The pictures were very different from a typical boudoir shoot and that's what I liked most about them! The pictures took a while to be delivered since this was a busy time for the team, but Agnes made sure to give us teasers to give our men and made sure to give us some extra pictures which was very nice of her! I loved everything about working with YBC and will definitely do it again!"

Joanna S., NYC

"I just recently had a photo shoot with the Yellow Brick Collective. They are an incredible team. I bought a package that also included makeup and styling. Not only does the team make you feel super comfortable and at ease, they also make you feel like a supermodel. I came with some clothes and jewelry, and the stylist put together some amazing looks and even put in some things of his own. The makeup was beautiful & professional. I had a different makeup look to go along with each style as well. She made me look absolutely amazing. The stylist and make-up artist were always on hand to touch you up through-out the shoot. The photographer, Agnes, is spectacular. She made me feel comfortable, at ease, and most of all I had so much fun. She took fantastic pictures and really knows how to make use of the environment around her and capture your best sides. The pictures turned out gorgeous - I didn't even know I could look like the way the pictures turned out!

Everyone should do this! If there is no special occasion, then do it just for the experience! You will have so much fun and have wonderful pictures. I cannot say enough about how fabulous the experience was from beginning to end. The team really knows how to treat you with care, make you feel fabulous and have fun! In the end, you will have beautiful pictures for a lifetime."

- Mai N., NYC

"Not Only is the crew super fun and pleasant to be around , they do an amazing job. I just received my pics yesterday and I absolutely love it . I was eight months pregnant for the shoot and I am just so happy I decided to do the pictures. My hair and make up were flawless ( thank you Natalia ) , the clothing options were so appropriate ( thank you Ary) and the pictures just perfect ( big thanks Agnes) Would def recommend to anybody ! Yellow Brick rocks!"

- Maira C., NJ

"Amazing. Seriously amazing. I barely go to the beach without wearing an array of coverup paraphernalia, but for some reason stripping down in front of three strangers was almost no problem at all, as long as those three strangers were Agnes, Aryeh, and Natalia. I had a ton of fun - I would without a doubt do it again! They made me look beautiful and feel fantastic."

Christina S., NY

"I also purchased the Groupon deal with make-up and styling included and it was amazing. The whole team were so sweet and friendly that I was at ease in no time. And thanks to their expertise, I not only felt sexy but certainly looked it. The pictures came out wonderfully and I'm really happy that I'll have them to boost my confidence on any day I feel down.

I did this boudoir shoot as a surprise present for my fiance but I had so much fun that it ended up being for me just as much. I've been recommending YBC to every girl I've met since the shoot."

Laura O., NJ